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Jessica sings the title role on the Navona Records recording of Alessandro Stradella's Ester Liberatrice del Popolo Ebreo, streaming everywhere on July 26th

"Gould’s voice is very distinctive, with a starkly cutting edge: she is clearly here to leave a mark rather than to trill off in any kind of generically balmy way....Counter-Reformation conspiracies, hubris and tragedy sit side by side with a dynamically shifting sweep and Gould’s electrifying voice." – Musicweb International

At the Pleasure of Mazzarin Front.jpg

"Ms. Gould does not adhere to the rigid customs of Baroque period singing.  Of course, we have no record of how these works sounded four centuries ago, but contemporary performances often seem sterile, whereas Ms. Gould's performance was luscious and involving."

– Voce di Meche


Jessica is heard with actor Roger Rees and the Paul Dresher Ensemble in composer Eve Beglarian's piece Creating the World

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